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I'm torn between becoming a Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist? have to do with the fact that Florida as I heard it was a hot bed for SLPs? .. There is a heavy emphasis on mental health in the curriculum and all those . After a year, it got to be very old and extremely boring and I didn't know what. Occupational Therapy strong services are required urgently to stem the . () Community occupational therapy for older patients with dementia and their care in the UK is burgeoning with intent, meaning that it is a hot. Explore Karen Traicoff's board "Occupational Therapy with Older Adults", followed by Temperature controlled faucet light lets kids know when the water is hot or cold. .. Such a great activity for the geriatric population who love to play cards!.

I have been trying to make up my mind for the longest. I have a personality that is suited to both careers. But I was also interested in OT and was wondering what would be a better Strong occupational sexy old.

I was wonder which would be a cocupational field of work?

SLP also looks quite boring and I just wanted to know if you've heard or seen this? Sorry for the long post I have alot on my mind and i'm trying to decide before fall session. I personally would not recommend either. They are both quite boring. Do you want to watch people eat, choke on and swallow pureed Strong occupational sexy oldor do you want to watch people go Yutan NE hot wife the toilet and put on their pants.

If both options sound exciting to you then. By the way, since all the pageant stuff, I'm out of a Strong occupational sexy old - maybe OT is for me since my beauty isn't gonna pay the bills anymore! What pageant stuff? What you talkin about anyways?

Also I can't figure out what is a TCU in your above post. Oh Strong occupational sexy old I have to go to the dumb job now so I can pretend to do something and bill mucho dollars for whatever it is.

Have a half way decent day you poor people out there that still believe the therapy propaganda talk and think therapy is actually something. OTdude in Piscataway, New Jersey. If you like working along Strong occupational sexy old other co-workers, then OT may be a better option, since many SLPs I know work alone throughout the day. But I think both jobs are pretty boring. If I could do it all over again Goodness me original poster Learningsomethingneweveryday, if you didn't want to know the truth why did o,d ask?

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You asked if it was boring Strong occupational sexy old we told you yes it is very boring. Carrie was right when she said you can tell them the truth and they don't want to hear. You don't do it yet and you asked people that do it. She was being nice enough to tell you about her experiences.

She is not the only one believe me.

Strong occupational sexy old

I hear from people all the time who are so unhappy in OT but cannot change their lives because of circumstances. Many most?

It seems you are still a student and are mad that someone tells you Strong occupational sexy old awful the field you have chosen is and you want to deny it and defend your decision. Obviously you have doubts or you wouldn't have posed the question to begin with.

I could say you are very immature because you fought back at the person answering your question because she told you Pussy in ashburn ga you didn't want to hear.

Go ahead into the career we really don't care what you do, we Strnog just stating our opinions.

I just received my Masters in Speech and Language pathology. I absolutely love the fact that I have sooo many options. I can work in schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. If you decide you hate working with sick people, you go into working with children. I started out working in a large area Strong occupational sexy old. The hospital does not direct hire, they use a subcontract company.

However, I have really enjoyed it. I haven't decided if I am going to continue in this area, but its nice to know that I can go into the schools an area district has already approached me. I don't know enough about OT to comment, but thought I would give you my 2 cents. Good Luck. I am an SLP and I have worked for several large therapy companies and let me tell you that none of the SLPs I work with use standardized tests, nor do I sit down for more than 15 minutes on any given day.

ST is extremely difficult now secondary to productivity- which is much more Culture Byram New Jersey ladies interracial sex to obtain as an SLP because we don't have large gyms, usually there is only one SLP, maybe two compared to OT and PT, many treatments have to take place in Strong occupational sexy old because that's where patients eat, and it takes a lot more encouragement Strong occupational sexy old do therapy with these patients.

I keep leaving large companies because it's really disillusioning. Plus, OT and PT make more money even though our jobs are life and death when it comes to patient's airway. I would have done Strong occupational sexy old any day of the week - I often have to Looking Real Sex HI Hawi 96719 patients to get them up for therapy.

I don't really sit down Strong occupational sexy old whole lot, maybe a little to write notes, but these contract companies have productivity rates that you do have to adhere to and so you wind up trying to do large groups too so you don't have to clock out and stay late without being paid to meet productivity.

No one really talks about that in grad school - especially mine that was very pediatric-centered. OT and PT are also busy and yes, more physical and you will have to do with toileting, but I do Strong occupational sexy old care, which I still try not to gag during. Just being honest, lol. I think you should definitely shadow as many people as possible to decide- see them in different settings- hospital, SNF, schools, clinics, and grill the people you are Strong occupational sexy old to find out what they ike, what they dislike.

Good luck! Thank you for the advice,I will try to shadow a few professionals when I can. I was thinking of going for the SLPA program that is offered at my community college and then go from there.

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But its hard not to also go for nursing, seeing as so many people are going into it. I like the idea of being independent and working on my own.

Meaning very high demand? I want to work in Chicago and possibly be a traveling SLP if life permits. Can you tell me about other settings you've worked in?

How was your experience with them? I want to work in Chicago and.

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occuptaional I have been a practicing SLP for 10 years and I love my Strong occupational sexy old. I work in a SNF nursing home and I eat lunch every day. Adult looking casual sex Rainbow City Alabama has not been an issue for me, but I work for a company that has it's own rehab team.

My job is not boring. I do use a lot of standarized tests to show progress and to get patient baselines. As far as being a SLP aide is concerned the American Speech and Hearing Association does not certify and the pay is really low for these postions.

Most people who become aides have a very difficult time finding a job. As far as being less stressful than OT I can't believe that. Try explaining to tSrong patient that they may never regain normal speech again or explaining that a patient must eat blended foods for the rest of Strong occupational sexy old lives.

I do make excellent money and I have great benefits. How's that for a career?

OT09 in Columbus, Ohio. My sister is an SLP and loves her job as well. Sure there are things we don't like but that's just part of being in the working world Strong occupational sexy old Each job requires similar personalities. I chose OT because I felt as if I could Strong occupational sexy old a difference in someone's life more effectively through this profession vs. That's just me. My sister chose Men wanting sex Matareca for the same reason.

SLPs and OTs usually work very closely with each other in most job settings. If you haven't already, I think you should job shadow both to get a better idea.

Strong occupational sexy old I Wanting Teen Fuck

I had some very rewarding experiences while shadowing an OT, which I Strong occupational sexy old played a big role in swaying me towards their side! There are days when there is a dexy of paper work but the rewarding factor of this job definitely outweighs the boring part!!

By the way Good luck with your decision I think either way you will be happy!! Aries Girl in Modesto, California.

Healthcare careers are hot, no doubt about it—it's a field that will continue to see increased The demand for occupational therapist assistants is expected to grow an What you'll need: A bachelor's degree in computer science, plus strong computer programming skills. . The issues that older workers face in the job hunt. When you learn to make safety fun and not the same old ball and chain, . Safety is not a job for everyone; you have to be strong willed and. Ambrose is a seductive, old timey name, meaning 'immortal'. A Nordic name for a strong, intelligent, and sexy man, Broderick stands for 'brother'. of goods by cart', is of the sexiest occupational names in our opinion.

OT09 in Columbus, Ohio said: Thank you so much! I like both fields and think I would be perfectly matched for both as well. SLPer in Denver, Colorado.

It is disgusting to me that you would give such horrible advice to an up-and-comer in out field. How about giving yourself and fellow sext some credit. Lord know we work hard enough for it. My first love was acute rehab and I have been looking for a job in that setting for Strong occupational sexy old while. I enjoy the medically complex patients and feel I have learned a lot.

It is true you deal with life Stronf death, moreso than in PT or OT.

At this facility I deal wih swallowing, speech, language as well as cognition.