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Rt 4 11:10 am what an ass

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I am Helena, a thirty-something ambassador of Swedish melancholy. Also known as Melankolikbarn on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

But I hope you do. When not sad I am bitter, passionate, vengeful and occasionally funny. Hypocrisy is my pet peeve. RT http: At the same time people celebrate themselves.

The Science of Society http: Goodnight all of you and thank you for a great week. I will check out in the morning, local time. After that I'll be http: One of my greatest inspirations are my tumblr feed.

You can see my reblogs at http: Last but not least, Lisen Haglund makes both empowering, melancholic and Rt 4 11:10 am what an ass drawings as Nattskiftet. I have her drawing "Paulette and her penis pet".

Kind of gurlesque. I have already mentioned photographer Kyle Aws but I really like his work so here it goes again http: A sucker for dystopias.

Self-taught painter Henrik Uldalen is perhaps the one Rt 4 11:10 am what an ass most would like to have a piece by. He is Norwegian. I love it, so melancholic. Have you heard about the artist Helena Blomqvist? She makes these elaborate fairytale settings and photograph them.

The style I'm looking for today. Good to know: We went there when I was a teenager for the big dog show. You sound exactly like my cats. I think I will try that when I mutter out loud at work. My homemade rhubarb crumble pie with obligatory custard sauce. Looks sweet right? I've got a delicious smelling rhubarb crumble pie waiting for me in the kitchen.

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Have always liked rhubarb, even the word rabarber. Hopefully there will also be qhat festival of light again in the fall. You can see photos from the previous year here http: Last year the King and Queen of Sweden visited Borgvik and Sliperiet, it was a big festivity there then with jazz singer Rigmor Gustafsson.

I will see if I can find a pic. I haven't been there yet this season but I will.

Helena Bergström | Curators of Sweden

This is called the foundry ruin, it is a really magic place. My co-worker is getting married there soon. But I also get home blindness.

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The iron works started there in It produced iron that was used in the Eiffeltower in Paris. It xm to have an iron works and some old buildings are made with cinder stone. This is my no.

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The pic is from our traditional Valborg festivities. Still super excited my new neighbors are Swedish.

I'm going to be able to practice Swedish! My new place just got even bet…. It is from the company QT systems AB. Good when it works, i.

I really need to wash my hair now. No shared room for that at least not if you are as and not at the gym. They made the hit-song "Under the drawbridge" right?

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Boyfriend to girlfriend in secondhand bookshop: No shared laundry room is complete without a note telling you to clean up after yourself.

Ours is older than I am. Often there are boards with numbered slots that you book 11:10 a key.

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Often it is also included. Everyone does laundry …. It's also common to have your own washing machine in the home.

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I have never heard of a laundromat here. Sundays are my laundry days. In Sweden we have shared laundry rooms in Brussels girl webcam every apartment building. This is mine. The small ones are about 3 weeks old.

Take action to save her life: Poems for Europe: An almost parodic Lynchian mood, top notch cast,producer Shyamalan.

This could be heaven or hell. Gay Rights Legislation in Europe http: Had to stay overnight at Ikea 1:10 cuz I got lost. Had to sleep on the floor cuz I couldn't assemble a bed: Almost never wear skirts though. And makeup. You sure that's called your soul? You'll have to imagine. Great tip. They play a saw in concert.

I urge everyoe on this account to give this a listen. Thou art too damned jolly. Sail on.

Adam Levine ‘Voice’ Controversy: DeAndre Nico Vs. Reagan Strange | TVLine

Yes, let's take some time to appreciate man boobs. I for one like some men both with and without man boobs.

Or something. Man boobs can be great, I'm serious. I'm just guessing here. Discrimination is prohibited, explicitly or implicitly: Intergalactic, Planetary Planetary, Intergalactic. There's no end to the asx news today. Thank you, I hope so too. I applied for a job there six months ago but I didn't get it.

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Lost a lot of ads today but who cares. Very interesting though, they have a model of Karlstad that you can simulate flooding scenarios with.

I started a masters programme there last year while still working full time but I had to put it on hold. To much stress altogether. The university here in Karlstad http: A complication is that land mines left from the war and the warning signs staking them out are displaced in these floodings.

The intensity of the http: An entire bridge carried off by the waters http:

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