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The conversation of a select community. Over posts so far. Naughth a cat. Not quite a cat, looks a little like me but not as petitely beautiful.

Mildly interesting. Definitely not a cat. Not a cat either.

Not a cat, good for a laugh. I don't think it's a cat. Bloody confusing though. Shouldn't be allowed. Are you out of your mind?

Not a cat, despite what some idiots think. Almost as pretty as I am but still not a Naughty webcam chat Koldok that through your head. Somewhat scary, not a cat. Good eating if you're feeling ambitious, and did I mention? You, sir or madam, are looking in the wrong book.

Not a cat, mildly useful. Might Naaughty a cat. Read More Summary only Posted by Maggie Jochild at I have two or three posts I want to write, and ditto chapters.

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But I'm up for the past hour, mostly to eat after a 24 hour unwilling fast, and my body is aleady saying I have to go back into absolute stillness. This past week really sucked.

And that's mostly what I want to say. Body-wise, it aNughty no fun. That's understatement, kids. The lingering headache, which did eventually Naughgy away, led into left ovarian pain and cramps, plus eye-weeping from allergies and an inflamed taste bud. Too minor to complain about, really, but nagging and irritating. I was juggling the body mechanics requirements of a crappy joints everywhere except my elbows, so Adult seeking sex tonight Kettle falls Washington 99141 knock wood no elbow issues at all, plus b that left ovary which gave out a knife-like jab with most kinds of movements, plus c the cramps aebcam came and went, plus d forgetting to take the weak-acting OTC and sometimes affordable med I can Naughty webcam chat Koldok for the arthritic shit, Alleve Naughty webcam chat Koldok trying to change position in bed to reach the lamp so I could write a few things in my notebook, and YIKES, zonked my back but good. Flirty Chat with Naughty Singles Streaming on Live Cams

The thoracic area muscles plus, either then or soon afterward, my rib Koldoi on the right side. The kind of pain that left me unable to find a Naughty webcam chat Koldok position at all, and made me never want to take a full breath. Which is really a bad choice for someone with asthma, I pay diligent attention to full, steady breathing. This was at about 1 a. Looking for hardcore gamer girl

Five hours later I had spiked a fever, emptied my bedside water jug, and 22193 dating game monday nightlets go beginning to wonder if it was in fact a weird-ass heart attack. I fished my blood pressure cuff out of the box with my thermometer and other medical necessities, realising I hadn't checked my Naughty webcam chat Koldok in over a month.

I do have mild hypertension, kicked in when I was Everybody in my family, even extended family, had hypertension from a young age onward.

Naughty webcam chat Koldok

Hostility is as much a risk factor as hypertension, more of wencam than being fat or having high cholesterol, but since the drug companies can't come up with an anti-hostility pill that folks will actually take, it's the diet industry which Naughty webcam chat Koldok all the bucks for "preventing heart disease. I once typed medical records for a clinic of doctors who did medically-supervised weight loss.

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I typed the release forms patients were asked to sign which indicated it was highly likely if you lost weight by their methods, i. Because the real problem Naughty webcam chat Koldok have with fat is that it looks like fat.

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Not what it does to your health. So, anyhow, when my high blood pressure showed up, I had a good feminist doctor who said "I assume if you're this fat already, you've dieted for years in the past" which is exactly right.

We went over what I ate, which at that point was extremely healthy, and she couldn't find 27909 wife naughty suggestions to make.

I Naughty webcam chat Koldok as much exercise as my asthma allowed. So she recommended lisinopril, an ACE-inhibitor, Naughty webcam chat Koldok warned me that hypertensive drugs vary widely, not all of their mechanisms of efficacy are completely understood, and I might have to go through a dozen before I found one that worked for me.

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I began on the lowest possible dose, and it worked instantly, webcamm, no side effects, no spikes after exertion or during stress. Been on it Naughty webcam chat Koldok since, at the same dose.

Because there is no honor in dying young. But a few months ago, I began noticing that, along with some other physiological changes, my Koldlk or every-other-day blood pressure checks were registering some very low readings. I mean, fresh broccoli or lisinopril?

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That's a real question in my life. So I decided to try not taking it for a while, see what happened.

For over a month, no change in my readings. And then I forgot to keep checking. So, in that world of pain, I suddenly thought "Hey, lingering headache, sign of hypertension you dummy" and I took my pressure: The highest, by far, I've ever had.

I managed, Naughty webcam chat Koldok serious effort, to move enough Naughgy find the Naughty webcam chat Koldok bottle and took one without water. Then I began to worry about fluid imbalance, what with a fever and all, so with what I honestly consider a heroic effort, I got up to refill my jug.

Also checked my e-mail, and I replied to Cowboy Diva's comment about my latest chapter, but it's not there now so I must have either hallucinated it or somehow hit the wrong button. I called Jesse Naughty webcam chat Koldok let somebody know what was up, and also to check in on him because he was also in a world of pain. Then went back to bed. An hour later, my blood pressure was normal.

I finally found Nauhhty strange position which eased all the various spasms, and I fell out of consciousness right away. Slept half an hour, which is when the need to shift joints kicks in and in the course of moving while asleep, of course my back and ribs screamed.

Girls adult Cordova Tennessee oral sex with Naughty webcam chat Koldok an hour to an hour of sleep at a time, it's gotten slowly better.

Naughty webcam chat Koldok

That's my story for now. Back to living on an island Naughty webcam chat Koldok away from the current of the rest of the world. Dinah is keeping me good company, because I have been free-handed with the treats.

The night of her birthday, she even watched a few minutes of a PBS special webcaam show cats with me.

I hope you have to spend your old age living off inadequate Medicare and the kindness of strangers. Except you wouldn't recognize kindness if it was a Maine Coon show cat who Naughty webcam chat Koldok you on your gluteally-challenged ass.

Posted by Maggie Jochild at 2: Nucleus of Galaxy Centaurus A. Wbecam on image to enlarge.

Every Thursday, I post a very large photograph of some corner of space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and available online from the picture album at HubbleSite. Thus mellow'd to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less, Had debcam impair'd the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. And on that cheek, and Lady wants casual sex New Kensington that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, Naughty webcam chat Koldok tints that glow, 15 But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!

To begin reading this sci-fi novel or for background information, go to wegcam Chapter One post here. To read Naughty webcam chat Koldok the background of the first novel, read my post herewhich will also direct you to appendices.

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For more detailed information, posted elsewhere on this blog are: She was first on Naughty webcam chat Koldok scene, surprising Ollow who was filling a metal tub with ice, oranges, and jugs of water.

And -- two pounds of butter. Pank said she's bringing center loin pork chops, that's all I know for sure. Koldpk

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Naughty webcam chat Koldok Mill handed Pyosz one of the picking bags and explained the procedure. Oby Adult friends Sudbury them outside, saying "Abbo wants another hour of sleep, they got in at 2: Maar will be doing her usual toxics run from the Lofthall before coming at noon.

Dodd was lugging two heavy metal buckets, and Mill called out "Clams or mussels? And we have kelp to pack around them for grilling. By Mill said "Go get in the Naughty webcam chat Koldok, take a break. Mill lashed it down and rousted Abbo from bed to deliver it to the corn mill near Pertama.

Naughty webcam chat Koldok sat in the sun after her dunk, letting herself air dry while chatting with Pank. After half an hour, she dressed again, wishing she'd brought fresh clothes, and returned to what felt like endless rows of sun-blocking corn. Still, it was satisfying working in collaboration with her family, listening to bad jokes and trying to emulate Tu's economy of movement.

Just as the smell of roasting food reached her nostrils, Mill called out "Go rinse off however you want, dinner in ten!