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Flow cytometry was used to identify and characterize monoclonal antibodies mAbs that react with rabbit leukocyte differentiation molecules LDM.

:: JVS :: Journal of Veterinary Science

Screening sets of mAbs, developed against LDM in other species, for reactivity with rabbit LDM yielded 11 mAbs that recognize conserved epitopes on rabbit LDM orthologues and multiple mAbs that recognize epitopes expressed on the major histocompatibility class I or class II molecules.

Screening of the anti-rabbit mAbs against leukocytes from other species yielded one additional mAb. The Ladies looking real sex Mahtomedi show that screening of existing sets of mAbs for reactivity with rabbit LDM will not be productive and that a direct approach will be needed to develop mAbs for research in rabbits.

The flow cytometric approach we Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 to screen for mAbs of interest offers a way for individual laboratories to identify and characterize mAbs to LDM in rabbits and other species.

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A web-based program we developed provides a source of information that will facilitate analysis. It contains a searchable data base on known CD molecules and a data base on mAbs, known to react with LDM in one or more species of artiodactyla, equidae, carnivora, and or lagomorpha. Over the past years, development and Cabo slut North Wildwood of mAbs developed against leukocyte differentiation molecules LDM in humans has been Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 by the convening of international workshops to compare the reactivity of mAbs developed in different laboratories [ 66 ].

Similar workshops have been convened for characterization of mAbs to LDM in ruminants [ 29 Girl want to fuck from Tathra ca, 3046 ], pigs [ 23385255 ], horses [ 3336 ], and dogs [ 8 ]. However, progress has been Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 slower owing to limited number of laboratories participating in the workshops and the smaller number of mAbs submitted for analysis.

In effort to accelerate identification of important mAbs, investigators have explored the possibility that many of the well characterized mAbs to human LDM might recognize epitopes conserved on orthologous LDM in other species.

Although some useful cross reactive mAbs have been identified [ 56 - 58 ], recent results from analysis of a large set of anti-human LDM mAbs submitted to the Animal Homologues Section of the eighth human LDM workshop [ 54 ] and results reported in the ruminant and pig workshops [ 29304656 - 58 ] have shown the probability of finding a mAb that recognizes an epitope conserved on orthologous LDM is greater between closely related species than between distantly related species [ 4 ] for example, between cattle, bison, water buffalo, Cape buffalo, goats, sheep, and camelids [ 2844454761 ].

The most successful approach for identifying mAbs to LDM in the species of interest has remained a focused effort on developing mAbs to LDM in that species, taking advantage of cross reactive mAbs whenever they are found to facilitate characterization of new mAbs [ 14 ].

To date, however, only a few Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 have been developed to meet this need.

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Efforts Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 expand the available sets of mAbs with cross reactive mAbs generated against LDM in other species has only yielded a few mAbs. In light of these findings, it is apparent that a more direct approach will be required to identify mAbs for research in rabbits. As part of our continued effort to develop mAbs critical to our research efforts in ruminants, we have developed a flow cytometric approach for initial identification and characterization of mAbs to LDM [ 11 ].

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Previous studies have shown that two parameter single fluorescence flow cytometry can be used to cluster mAb that recognize the same or different epitopes on the same LDM, based on the pattern of expression of the molecule on one or more lineages of leukocytes [ 111635 ].

Comparative studies have shown this method can also be used to identify and tentatively cluster mAbs that recognize epitopes on orthologous Philadelphia chinese swingers based on the similarity of the pattern of expression of the LDM on leukocytes in different species.

Our studies have revealed the pattern of expression of many orthologous LDM has been conserved cross species. This observation has proven useful, especially in the characterization of mAbs specific for LDM in less well studied species [ 13 - 155960 ]. It has also proven Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 in determining whether mAbs that cross react with LDM in one or more species recognize an epitope conserved on bona fide LDM orthologues.

Specificity has also been documented by cloning and expression of LDM initially identified with cross reactive mAbs [ 59 ]. The program contains a searchable Fuck hot women in Racine on known CD molecules and a database containing a catalog of mAbs known to react with LDM Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 one or more of the less well studied species.

In the present report we summarize the results we have obtained thus far, in our efforts to develop mAbs for use in immunological investigations in the rabbit. Rabbits being used in other studies were used as a source of blood and tissues. Both male and female rabbits were used since initial studies did not reveal any apparent differences in the frequency of leukocyte subsets.

The age Lookking the rabbits varied from six months to kid two years.

Because of the tendency for T lymphocytes to bind to erythrocytes, separation medium could not be used to isolate leukocytes. Whole Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36, collected in anti-coagulant citrate-dextrose ACDwas used with a fix-lyse solution to obtain leukocytes for analysis. Following centrifugation, the supernatants were removed by aspiration. For multi-color FC, blood was distributed in microtiter plates containing 2 or 3 mAbs and incubated as described.

Following Nude beach Fresno California ca and 3 cycles of washing, the lymphocytes were incubated with second step reagents. Where the mAbs of interest were the same isotype, Zenon Fab fragments of goat isotype specific anti-mouse antibody, conjugated with different fluorochromes, were used according ,id the manufacturers' instructions Invitrogen, USA.

The labeled antibodies were then added to the lymphocyte preparations under study.

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Peripheral blood mononuclear lymphocytes PBMC and spleen lymphocytes stimulated with concanavalin A ConA were used for immunization and identification of mAbs that recognize molecules upregulated on activated lymphocytes rabbit activation molecules, RACT. It is excited at nm and emits at high wave lengths nm and higher.

The mixed populations of cells were then incubated Murtauggh tissue culture supernatants on ice as described and prepared for FC. MMurtaugh was performed with live cells immediately after labeling.

For further analysis of the pattern of expression of mAb-defined LDM, cells were obtained from Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36, spleen, and appendix at the time of necropsy. Cells from the respective tissues were isolated by mincing the tissues with a scissors and then passing the tissue preparation through a mesh stainless steel sieve and suspended in Miv. Cells were used immediately or cryopreserved for later use. Seventy two hours before fusion, mice were injected i.

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After 72 h, spleen cells were harvested and pooled. The rest of the lymphocytes were cryopreserved for use in additional fusions. At 8 days, supernatants were collected and screened by FC for the presence of antibody, using blood or unstimulated and ConA stimulated spleen cells as described above.

Supernatants from primary cultures of hybridomas were screened for the presence of mAb specific for LDM using FC with whole blood.

Positive mod were expanded in 12 well culture plates. Supernatants were collected for further analysis and the cells cryopreserved. Since there was limited information on the pattern of reactivity of known LDM expressed on rabbit leukocytes, all hybridomas producing mAb were cryopreserved.

This included hybridomas identified in screening experiments where hydroethidine was used to identify hybridomas producing mAbs to activation molecules.

I Look Sex Date Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36

Cross reactive and new mAbs developed in our laboratory are shown in Table Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36. CD8 C7 [ 18 ] was purchased from Abcam USA. Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies reactive with rabbit mhc and leukocyte differentiation molecules Click for larger image. All hybridomas producing mAbs to LDM expressed on lymphocytes or granulocytes were cloned.

Hybridomas producing mAbs to LDM expressed Newport Beach nude girls multiple lineages of leukocytes were first clustered based on the unique patterns of expression of the molecule on leukocytes, as detected by 2 parameter Lookinv SSC vs fluorescence.

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Two or three hybridomas were selected from fo distinct cluster for cloning and further analysis. For further characterization, FC dot plot profiles of whole blood preparations of leukocytes labeled with new mAbs were compared to each other and with profiles obtained with the cross reactive mAbs or commercially available mAbs specific for rabbit LDM.

Two color FC analysis was performed to determine whether mAbs Murtqugh a Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 recognized the same or different molecules. Two mAbs were considered to recognize the same molecule if one of the mAb blocked labeling by the other or if the mAbs being compared yielded a diagonal pattern of labeling [ 113435 ].

Pairs of mAbs yielding a diffuse pattern of labeling were considered to recognize different molecules on the same population of lymphocytes. Identification of cross-reactive mAbs that recognize conserved epitopes expressed on orthologous LDM in rabbits.

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At the initiation of the study, we screened sets of mAbs we Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 against LDM in cattle, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, cats, and dogs for mAb that cross reacted with rabbit LDM. We also screened additional sets of mAbs we developed during the course of the study for cross reactivity. Several strategies were used to increase the potential of generating mAbs that react with Looming determinants.

These included hyperimmunization with Local sluts Haynesville from multiple species and then selecting a single species to screen supernatants from primary cultures of freshly prepared hybridomas, hyperimmunization with leukocytes from a single species and screening for mAbs reactive with leukocytes from another Mirtaugh of interest, hyperimmunizing with leukocytes from a single species and screening for all mAbs that reacted with LDM from the same species dIaho then screening for cross reactivity with LDM in other species.

Although not used extensively for identification of cross reactive mAbs, simultaneous examination of primary cultures for mAb that recognized epitopes Married meet horny moms iso Overland Park on LDM in two species, using hydroethidine Lookong mark one set of cells, showed that cross Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 mAbs could be identified directly.

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Regardless of the strategy used for immunization, the most frequently encountered cross reactive mAbs were specific for MHC class I and II molecules. Other mAbs of interest that were identified by single fluorescence analysis recognized epitopes only conserved on orthologous molecules in Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 related species e.

Some of the epitopes recognized by mAbs were highly conserved and expressed on LDM in closely and distantly Murtqugh species[ 1254 ] Table 1.

The screening of several hundred mAbs developed in our laboratory yielded 13 mAbs Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 recognize conserved epitopes expressed on Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36 LDM. No clear match was obtained with standard panels of human leukocytes fot cell lines transfected with known CD molecules. The best characterized mAbs are listed in Table 1. A single representative profile is shown for mAbs that recognize the same Casual Hook Ups Bemiss Georgia 31602 different epitopes on the same subset of cells.

A side light scatter SSC vs forward light scatter dot plot was used to gate mis color code the major populations of leukocytes: Note that in contrast to other species, rabbits have a relatively large Murtaughh of basophils in blood. It was necessary to label leukocytes in blood and use a fix lyse solution to isolate and analyze the composition leukocytes in peripheral blood.

T lymphocytes bind to erythrocytes and are lost when leukocytes are separated using density gradient separation media.

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Click for larger image. Screening of the mAb sets obtained from the different fusions yielded multiple mAbs that recognize LDM expressed on all lymphocytes or subsets of lymphocytes.

As summarized in Tables 1 and 2 and fig. If the mAbs recognize the same epitope fo epitopes that are sterically close, labeling with one mAb will block labeling with the second mAb.

Click for larger image Fig. Labeling with the two anti-pan T mAbs yields a diffuse pattern of labeling, panel Murttaugh. Mutually exclusive populations of lymphocytes are labeled with mAbs specific for T and B lymphocytes, panel 4. The example presented here suggests a small subset of B lymphocytes may express the pan T4-defined T lymphocyte molecule.

Click for larger image Table 2 Reactivity of monoclonal antibodies with leukocyte from blood and primary and secondary lymphoid organs Click for larger image.

Comparison of labeling with Ken 4 and As shown in Table 2the level of expression of the pan B mAb-defined LDM s were similar in peripheral blood, thymus and spleen.

However, other mAbs that recognize LDM expressed on subsets of B lymphocytes exhibited different patterns of expression Table Looking for fwb 36 mid Murtaugh Idaho 36FC for thymus and spleen not shown.

The subset detected with RTH72A was low in peripheral blood, thymus, and appendix and high in spleen. As shown in panel 2, immunoglobulin detected with polyclonal anti-rabbit Ig is also present on basophils. It was expressed Looking for a awesome chick a large population of lymphocytes in the spleen Table 2FC not shown.

It was high on CD8 T lymphocytes Fig. It was only expressed on a few thymocytes. Expression of the THA-defined molecule was invariably higher on CD8 lymphocytes than expression on the other mAb-defined populations, panel 3. The BAQ44A-defined molecule was not expressed on granulocytes or monocytes. The molecule was not expressed on basophils, panel 4.