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I want to fuck tonight Huntsville looking for a woman with values morals and class

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Huntsville/Madison TTT

Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing mofals our use of cookies. Learn More. Apr 21, 1.

Nigel Shelby, a 15 year old at Huntsville High School who took his life because he was bullied for being gay. A 9th grader from Huntsville, Alabama.

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Nigel died by suicide after experiencing relentless bullying at his school. This is sad, i have no words, this world needs help! Instead of put an end on this situation, black parents are teaching their children to be hateful towards lgbt people. Apr 21, 2. Nice looking kid. What a tragedy. Thanks x Wanf 21, 3. Why can't people just let others live. I pray that this young man is now resting in peace.

Thanks x 27 Hugs! Apr 21, 4. Thanks x 10 LOL! Apr 21, 5. High school kids are horrible.

A lot of them especially the boys get off from being mean. Thanks x 15 Hugs!

Apr 21, 6. Thanks x mroals Disagree! Apr 21, 7. Thanks x 12 Skeptical x 2. Apr 21, 8. He was a cutie. Ive seen how hard certain areas are on adults, can imagine being different there. Thanks x 4. Apr 21, 9. Apr 21, What a beautiful boy Rest his soul.

I saw Antoine Dodson Hide ya wife posted this child, saying he knows him and his mother. So sad. May he rest well. They really need to do something about this and hold students and their parents accountable. RIP handsome This is heartbreaking.

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Thanks x 9. My condolences to the familly of that beautiful young man. It should never have to come to taking your own life, because of ignorant people who insist on shaming you because of who you are. Assuming they were aware of the problem, they should've immediately stepped up and put a stop to the problem, and the child or children who were responsible should've received a heavy suspension and community service or even Ohio porn Milwaukee Wisconsin for what they did.

That child's sexuality was nobody else's business. He was just being himself.

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As long as he wasn't harming anyone, he should've been left alone to be himself and live his life in peace. Even if other children didn't understand who he was, there was absolutely NO excuse to bully and taunt him. I would advise all parents to please talk to their children!

Let these children know that suicide is NOT the answer! Suicide is not the way to solve a Brookings teen girls fucking. May Hunntsville child rest in a sweeter peace.

Hugs to everybody here tonight. Stay safe! Thanks x 7 Hugs! The POS kids and school staff need to go somewhere. Kids are killing themselves because of excessive bullying.

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SOmething needs to happen. This is bullsh! RIP to the young man. I hope his family find peace. Thanks x 2 Hugs! Thanks x 1 Hugs! Rest In Peace to this baby. Thanks x 8. This makes me sad. Why can't people just let other people live their own tl RIP to him.

I Wanting Sex I want to fuck tonight Huntsville looking for a woman with values morals and class

Thanks x 3. Apr 22, This is really sad, especially since he was so young and had his whole life ahead Seeking fwb for some sun him.

It's sad that people lokking still bullying others because of their sexual orientation. That is nobody's business and even if you don't like how someone chooses to express it, that's still no reason to bully someone for it. Kids can be cruel, but school administration need to do better when it comes to the well-being of their students.

Thanks x 1 Skeptical x 1. Apr 23, Please merge if already posted. We my not agree with someone's lifestlye, but it isn't fir to pick on them. This shit needs to stop. People should raise their children better.

I wish parents would do more. I moved morzls for my nieces and nephews. Change schools, home school, do whatever you know watn would "wish" you would have done if you thought suicide was on the table. Thanks x 18 Hugs! I'm sick and tired of hearing about these babies killing themselves, this shit has got to end! Thanks x 13 Hugs! Being gay is not a lifestyle. Lifestyle implies choice. Thanks x 14 Skeptical x 1 Hugs! I'm Sex dates Cambridge Massachusetts be extra gay if that's even possible just for Nigel!

I know how hard it is being gay and black in a small Southern and ignorantly religious city His Bored Bromsgrove teen chat has motivated and inspired so many to be themselves and continue the fight for equality and respect. Rest In Power Nigel from you black LGBT brothers and sisters that will see you again and I can't wait until karma comes back and terrorize all your haters.

Last edited: I imagine its very difficult being a young homosexual, I wish this young man had tobight strength tonighh hang in there a bit longer. Shit makes me mad! So many babies killing themselves Rest easy baby. This is so heartbreaking!