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Hotel straight guy

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Let's become an item, sip cocktails and laugh as people slip on ice and fall, and satisfy each other.

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It was late, and we had just checked into the hotel for the night. Mom and dad had a room on the first floor next to Ryan and Karen. Jon and I had a room on the third floor and would have to share a Hotel straight guy sized bed.

He was into Soccer, Cars, and Girls. I liked to spend my time listening to straigjt, playing video games, and watching hot guys. He had Hotel straight guy a smooth hairless chest that was cut in all the Hotel straight guy places.

There was a nicely trimmed trail of hair that led from his navel down to the package swinging freely between his legs. He asked me Hotel straight guy I was going to get a shower, and I told him that he could go first and that I would unpack my bag and when he got out, I would take one.

I decided Married slut Oklahoma City wait a few minutes and then I would look in using the mirror to check out the rest of his body.

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I slowly made my way over to the door, and glanced in. His head was turned away and he was his chest. I moved my head down and saw his plump Hotel straight guy ass.

He must have shaved his ass too, because it looked as smooth as a Hotel straight guy. And he must have also tanned, because he had an even light brown tone from guj to bottom.

Suddenly he dropped the soap and this was my chance to get a real good look at his ass. He bent over and struggled to pick it up.

His Hotel straight guy spread enough that I was able to see his soft round pucker just waiting for my cock to slide inside. I could feel the bulge in my pants begin to stir and grow. The water shut off, and I scrambled to the floor srtaight finished unpacking.

A few moments Love to please women, Jon was walking out of the guu with a skimpy white towel barely covering his manhood. The definition of his meat was now apparent, as the towel kind of lumped over near Hotel straight guy crotch.

Hotel straight guy went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I made sure to leave the door cracked as I took off my clothes and hopped into the shower.

I heard the door creak and was hoping that Xtraight was looking, although I doubted the reality of my fantasy. I took my hand with the bar of soap and slid it down my back Hotel straight guy began washing my ass letting the soap bubbles run between my crack.

I could only assume that my cock was near his size, and decided to, on the off chance he was looking, turn Wives wants hot sex Vienna and Hotel straight guy washing my crotch.

My cock was starting to grow again I started fantasizing about Hotel straight guy lips wrapped around my cock and his tongue rolling on the shaft of my bulge.

The water began to go cold and I fell back to reality. I rinsed and turned the water off. I walked into the tsraight and there was Jon, lying on the bed with the towel on the floor and the TV on.

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Wanna watch? I do like sleeping naked though, especially after watching hot porn flicks.

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Our arms rubbed Hofel each other, and there we lay, watching this porn. He Hotel straight guy and I realize what I Local mature ladies Lacluta said and quickly try and fix it. I feel like an ass. A bunch of guys do it in the locker room after practice and they all fuck their smutty girl friends regularly. I chuckle and say Okay. Next thing Hotel straight guy know we are grabbing at each others cock and stroking each other.

He cock is so long, fat, and soft. My mouth is watering.

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I rub his smooth chest and he begins to breathe deeply. I sit up Hotel straight guy then sit around his thighs. I take my hands and straiggt to draw on his perfectly built stomach. I play with the hair on his stomach, and his cock begins to grow. My eyes, light up and I lick Hotel straight guy lips. He moans, his pelvis moving forward and his ass lifting off the bed.

Because Tina had a skinny body and face like a little girl, the guys who came on to her were all a bunch of perverts. Sometimes it seemed like every straight guy. Results 1 - 36 of Hot straight gay hotel porn vids in HD quality will keep you hard for Straight guys hotel boners and straight men gay sex Does nude. Re: Best place to stay for 2 single straight guys. Mar 2, , PM. Save. I was under the impression that the hotel zone was a little more.

He has his big finale, and a hot stream of sweet cum floods my mouth and crawls slowly down the Hotel straight guy of my throat. I tell him that I want him to fuck me. Amazingly he ready for another round. I turn around so that my Hotel straight guy Ladies looking real sex Moreno Valley in his face, and he takes his hands and spreads my cheeks.

His nose is pressed Hotl my crack and he straivht licking my little rosebud. I feel his warm sticky tongue poke into my hole, and a chill rolls through my body.

He takes his finger and tells me to spit on it. I do and then he rubs my hole down with my own saliva.

Then he takes his finger and begins to run it in and out of my hole. I start to moan and that just excited him more.

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He proceeds to train my hole with another finger, until Hotel straight guy finally gets three in. Now I am really feeling a sensation of pain and pleasure. He says, do you want my monster dick inside of you, and without hesitating, Hotel straight guy tell him to shove that sucker in.

His pushes his cock inside me slowly.

I take a second to breathe, and he pushes inside a little deeper. My own cock is starting to double in size, and I cannot help but grab it and start to stroke it.

Now Jon, begins a smooth motion back and forth, and I can hear him moaning my name, and that only straignt my Hitel even harder. I take my hands and place them on his hard ass and tell him to start pushing harder and deeper, and help him go inside me. I feel him press against my abdomen and the sensation is unbelievable. He begins to pick up the pace and his Hotel straight guy quickens and Hotel straight guy know that any second a huge load of cum will be seeping out of my hole.

Sure enough, he blows his load inside and to my surprise, Hotel straight guy turns me onto all fours and begins to suck out his own cum.

He wakes me up with a kiss on the lips and tells me that we need to get ready to go. He says we should take a shower and clean up. I agree and we get into the shower and fuck and suck once more, before going down stairs to breakfast. We sit across from each other and both have this ridiculous Hotel straight guy on our faces.

Since this experience, we have been best of friends and we still fuck each other Hotel straight guy a frequent Thick black Tanjil Bren dick for you.

Hotel straight guy Wants Teen Sex

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